We manufacture fabrics for hotel, restaurant and public uses

“Absolute control in whole process.”

F. Carreras thoroughly controls every part of the manufacturing process inside the company itself, from obtaining raw materials to the sale of the produt to the client. our products are made of the highest quality cotton and the production process is closely supervised to guarantee the very best final result.

F. Carreras has a wide range of bathrobes, which are carefully manufactured to ensure fabric softness, comfort and longlasting wear. Excellent final results are achieved by using the latest technology (with runproof terry weaving machines) and carrying out a strict quality control, item by item.

The company uses the latest technology. It has weaving machines with an electronic Jacquard system and an entirely computerized production process, as well as a robotic tailoring department which enables the production of 30,0000 towels per day, mainly for the hotel trade.

1. Top-quality raw materials.
2. Latest-generation machinery.
3. Personalisation process.
4. Top-quality finishes.
5. Forwarding.

Miquel Servet, 1-5
Polígono Industrial Bufalvent
P.O. Box 120/ Apartado 120
08243 Manresa (Barcelona) · SPAIN
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P.O. Box 120/ Apartado 120
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